the Morvan, Burgundy.

The hamlet of Valouze is situated in the commune of Chissey-en-Morvan at an altitude of 480 meters, within a fold of the mountains above the valley of the river Ternin. The Ternin joins with the river Arroux near Autun. The town Autun is twenty kilometers distant and of gallo-roman origin with 16,000 inhabitants.

The plains of Burgundy closely resemble those of England with fields edged with hedges where the white Charolais graze. The mountainous areas are very suitable for

sheep farming and forestry, they have a wildness which is reminiscent of Ireland and Scotland. The commune of Chissey is part of the Natural Park of the Morvan where the wild nature of the flora and fauna still exists. The climate of the Morvan is semi continental and the seasons are well defined.
Cow In October and November the forests of oak trees take on a lovely copper colour, in most years mushrooms can be found in abundance. In the Spring, around April and May before the first hay is cut, a walker can discover a multitude of wild flowers including several species of orchids and Lily of the Valley. The summers are never too hot but the winters are cold, with beautiful haw frosts and there is snow, most years.

Walks in the Morvan are rugged and walking boots are recommended. A guide of the

"Circuits de randonneés pedestre" can be had for free at the epicerie in Chissey-en-Morvan a few kilometers away. On the ridge above Chissey walkers can follow, for several kilometers, the ancient Roman road which leaves Lugdunum (Lyon) and passes by Augustodunum (Autun) and turns North to Boulogne-sur-Mer and England.
At Mont Beuvray, forty five minutes from Valouze, there is a wonderful museum of Gallo-Roman antiquities. Autun possesses several impressive monuments, including the superb Porte d'Arroux which is a remnant of the Roman fortifications of 2000 years ago. The Rolin museum conserves the wonderful Roman mosaics discovered in the cellars of the old houses in Autun. One can find numerous chateaux, churches, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries all within an hours drive. The little historic towns of Arnay-le-Duc horse
is thirty minutes away, Saulieu is twenty minutes distant and within half an hour traveling time there is the chateau of Sully, where the cafeteria and boutique are open each day. An excursion to Paris can be made in a day, leaving from the train station at Le Creusot which would take only 45 minutes on the TGV. Dijon, the ancient capital of the Dukes of Burgundy is 70 minutes by road from Valouze and the famous vineyards around Beaune are an hour away.

For everyday living, shopping, banks etc, you can find all that you need in Autun. The open air markets there are on Wednesday and Friday mornings, the former being the smaller. In the village of Chissey there is a little cafe/shop/bakery open each day except Mondays, a post office and a restaurant, the Auberge Fleuri. Lucenay l'Eveque a little further on towards Autun and boasts a very good chemist, doctors surgery, veterinary surgery, hairdresser, baker/cafe, paper/souvenir shop, and on Tuesday mornings an excellent traveling greengrocer opens his garage doors for business.

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